Outfit: Fashion Blogger Café

Sue Loves NYC Outfit Fashion Blogger CafeIch habe noch zwei Outfits für euch, die ich in Berlin zur Mercedes Benz Fashion Week getragen habe. Heute möchte ich euch das Outfit zeigen, das ich Freitag zum Fashion Blogger Café in die Bar Babette angezogen habe. Ein Jeans-Hemd unter dem Pullover zu tragen ist momentan mein Lieblingslook. Sehr süß finde ich den Herz-Pullover von Four ti Four – ihr wisst ja alle, dass ich Herzen mag, deshalb bin ich ja auch so vernarrt in die Elsa Peretti Kollektion von Tiffany & Co.

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In love with pullovers by FOUR[TI:]FOUR

four ti four pullover KarstadtIch bin verliebt in die Pullover von FOUR[TI:]FOUR – sind sie nicht hübsch? FOUR[TI:]FOUR gibt es exklusiv bei Karstadt und die Pullover, Schals und Beanies passen perfekt zu meinem Style. Ich würde die Pullis zu Jeans, meinem grauen Loop Schal und Biker Boots tragen. Das Beste? FOUR[TI:]FOUR ist nicht so teuer wie die trendy Wildfox Pullover – ich muss mich also vielleicht gar nicht zwischen Sternen und Herzen entscheiden…

I am in love with the cute pullovers by FOUR[TI:]FOUR – aren’t they just so pretty? FOUR[TI:]FOUR is available exclusively at Karstadt and totally my style. I would wear them with jeans, my grey loop scarf and biker boots. There are also matching beanies. The best part: they are not as expensive as the trendy Wildfox pullovers – so, maybe I don’t even have to decide between hearts or stars…

pics: Karstadt, collage: Sue Loves NYC

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Press Event – New Brands, New Looks II

Karstadt Press Event showroom

Karstadt Press Event impression

Schon das erste Press Event von Karstadt in einer tollen, alten Villa – Haller 6 – in Hamburg hatte mich damals überzeugt. Dieses Mal konnte ich leider nicht persönlich teilnehmen und war deswegen sehr froh, dass die liebe Anne Zeit hatte, für Sue Loves NYC vor Ort zu sein. Ich freue mich sehr, dass Karstadt das neue Konzept mit angesagten Labels aus Europa weiter durchzieht. Besonders haben mir die Styles von Headhunter gefallen. Die Smilie-Pullover sorgen bei mir sofort für gute Laune und in die blaue Mütze mit Herz habe ich mich gleich verliebt. 2nd Day (die jüngere Schwester der Hauptlinie Day Women von Day Birger et Mikkelsen) ist ebenfalls unter den Labels, die bei den großen Karstadt-Häusern erhältlich sind. Ich mag das coole, Denim-Label sehr und die Kollektion soll künftig auch noch etwas günstiger zu bekommen sein – super. In der Galerie habe ich noch ein paar Eindrücke vom Press Event für euch.

I really liked the first “New Brands, New Looks” press event by Karstadt and the second event also took part at the same beautiful location – an old villa, Haller 6. Unfortunately, I could not attend the press event myself, but was very happy that Anne agreed to represent Sue Loves NYC in Hamburg. Karstadt continues to transform itself and presented exciting European labels. I especially liked the fun smilie-pullovers by Headhunter and absolutely fell in love with the blue beanie. 2nd Day (the younger sister of Day Women by Day Birger et Mikkelsen) was also among the labels. I like the cool, denim styles and was very happy to hear that they want to make the collection “more affordable”. You can find more impressions of the press event in the gallery below.

pics: Jan Knoff for Karstadt, Anniewear

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What to wear to a wedding? Dresses for wedding guests

Recently, I have received a few invitations to weddings. Two things that have to be considered before the wedding: what to wear and what to buy as a wedding present. Today, I want to show you three totally different options of dresses you can wear as a wedding guest.

All dresses are by US-label Adrianna Papell and part of the Spring 2012 evening collection and – what’s also important – they are affordable. In Germany, the dresses are available at Karstadt.

The dresses, I chose, are all knee-length or maxi-dresses, so you can wear them in a church combined with a blazer or cardigan.

The first dress is my favorite! Sadly, it was a little too big at the shooting, but I just fell in love with this dress. It’s perfect for a summer or spring wedding. Long dresses are just always very elegant and suitable for a big wedding. Don’t go crazy on the jewelry though! I simply wore my Tiffany & Co. necklace and a sparkling necklace worn as a bracelet by Coast.

wedding Adrianna Papell flower dress

This dress is cute, stylish but not too flashy, so you can also wear it – or similar dresses – to a wedding in a smaller town.

wedding Adrianna Papell dots

The last dress is very elegant, but has an eye-catching back with sewed on flowers. This might be a little too much for a wedding in a small town, but if your friends work in fashion, or the wedding is very glamorous, you can go with this dress.

wedding Adrianna Papell dress purple

If you think about, what to wear to a wedding, make sure that the bride should be the center of attention. I would not wear a white or light beige dress. Furthermore, even though it might be okay nowadays, I would never wear black to a wedding – black suits for our boyfriends are alright of course.

See the German article and more pictures after the cut! Weiterlesen

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New Brands, New Looks

Karstadt Model


I have to admit: when I was invited to the Karstadt Press Event, I was a little sceptical. Karstadt? I don’t go to the department store very often and when I do, I don’t go there for fashion. However, unlike other bloggers, who might find it reprehensible to go to such a Press Event, I always like to form an independent view. Guess what? Karstadt has changed their concept drastically and I am positively surprised.

The atmosphere at the showroom “Haller 6″ was not one of a department store. The new labels were presented in a beautiful old building. For Fall Winter 2012 Karstadt presents over 50 new brands of international designers. Hendrik Menken, head of Karstadt’s PR agency, and the Karstadt team offered a very warm welcome and introduced me to the new labels. “Karstadt have some labels exclusively and also the store concept will change with the implementation of shop-in-shop corners”, says Hendrik Menken.

They have a nice mix of labels from USA, England, Skandinavia, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. Premium, but still affordable. I liked CK Jeans, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, but also loved to discover new labels, e.g. the beautiful shoes by Dune. Of course, I was also happy that Rachel Roy is one of the new designers. I talked to tv presenter Susann Atwell at the press event, who was also positively surprised: “My favorite label here today is Ganni, but I also saw other great brands in the new lookbook.”

I like the new turn and hope that Karstadt will be successful realizing the new concept.

See the German article and more pictures after the cut!


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